Calendly Separate Multiple Calendar 2022

We’re gon na get things kicked off by going into our menu, into our account once you’ve signed up with Calendly. And one of the first places that you’re gon na wan na go is up here to your account. The first thing that you’re gon na wan na do is make sure that you include one or more calendar accounts.

And what I mean by this, is things beyond just Calendly consultations but things that are occurring maybe in your personal life or other conferences that come up as a part of your day. This is definitely gon na be your extremely first stop to make sure that you have your calendar connections set up correctly. Next up, we wan na stay with our account settings this time we’re gon na go to account account settings and I simply wan na motivate you to submit an image.

You’re gon na wan na put the name of your service or perhaps it’s your complete name. I’ve got two events currently that individuals can select from and when they click on one of those events, they are likewise gon na see my branding here. We gon na pick that brand-new occasion type, which is gon na open up a new screen.

So let’s state develop for individually. On this screen, the first thing that we need to do is give it an occasion name. Now keep in mind, this is more than just your referral. This is what individuals are gon na be seen when they land on your Calendly page. So I’m just gon na call this one, Meeting with Scott, actually easy here. I can determine, oop, Satisfying with Scott. Let’s keep that in there. Our 2nd step is to add a place and you can see we can inform our users upfront, is this an in person conference, a call or is it gon na be a particular conferencing meeting such as utilizing Google Meet, Zoom, GoToMeeting or perhaps something custom, something that’s not even listed here. In our example, I’m gon na select phone call in this case. And in many cases, depending upon the option that you choose, you may have some additional choices waiting on you. For example, do I wan na pick if I will call my invitee in this case, it’s gon na need the person who’s reserving that time to list their phone number. I require to understand who I’m calling or I can choose this alternative, my invitee must call me. In this case, I can add my wanted contact number here and the terrific thing with Calendly is that it’s not going to display this number up until they have actually scheduled the appointment. If somebody is considering reserving time with me, it’s not as if they’re gon na see my phone number or my dial in number right away, it’s only after they have actually reserved the time will this number be exposed. In this case, I’m gon na say, I will call my invitees ’cause I’m gon na ask them to offer their phone number. I’m gon na state upgrade, that’s gon na save that option here. If you have numerous occasions that you’re gon na be offering to your users, down listed below we can add a description which is something you don’t wan na overlook specifically. So I’m just gon na state, this is a meeting with Scott for a consulting session, something like that, simply something so they can distinguish what this occasion has to do with compared to perhaps a few of the other occasions that I have available. And then just listed below the description, we have our occasion link. Now we currently talked briefly about having your domain name or your business name or possibly your full name to get them to your primary Calendly page but this is something that you can share in addition, a separate URL. In this case again, you wan na try make it as specific as possible. So perhaps I’m gon na say, fulfilling Scott, something like that, something that’s so easy for me to determine but likewise if I just paste this link and copy, they understand what they’re getting as well.

And finally, we can select a different color. This is extremely useful if you have several events, I’m gon na choose red in this case just so it sticks out from the other occasions that I’ve already created. Now as soon as we hit next, we’re gon na get to the nuts and bolts of our event. In this menu screen called when can people book this event. By opening this app, you’re gon na see a lot of