Calendly Appointment Sets Up In Other Time Zone 2022

We’re gon na get things kicked off by going into our menu, into our account when you have actually signed up with Calendly. And one of the very first locations that you’re gon na wan na go is up here to your account. The very first thing that you’re gon na wan na do is make sure that you add one or more calendar accounts.

And what I indicate by this, is things beyond just Calendly consultations however things that are taking place perhaps in your individual life or other conferences that come up as a part of your day. This is definitely gon na be your really first stop to make sure that you have your calendar connections set up properly. Next up, we wan na stay with our account settings this time we’re gon na go to account account settings and I just wan na encourage you to submit an image.

Now this is most likely more crucial than you think. In many cases, you’re gon na wan na put the name of your company or possibly it’s your full name. Remember, this is the URL that you are gon na be sharing with users. This is what you can connect from your site or your social media accounts or you can simply copy and paste this and give it to individuals directly so that they can land on your Calendly page. All right, once you’ve been finished with your account settings, let’s return to the home screen. I just wan na show you where some of those changes take place. I’m gon na click on my link here just to show you where this shows up. So this is the initial landing page where people are gon na see my profile image, my name which welcome message. I have actually got two events presently that people can choose from and when they click one of those events, they are likewise gon na see my branding here. This is where the logo comes into play. Now let’s move on to the events themselves and how can you establish several events so that it’s as simple for your prospective leads or for your customers to come in here and book time with you. So let’s go back to our menu within our account screen here. And this is actually our main page here on the home screen where you can add and modify existing events. I’ve got two occasions that I’m using at the moment however let’s go and create a new occasion from scratch. We gon na choose that brand-new occasion type, which is gon na open up a new screen. We’ve got 2 choices here, we can either develop an one-on-one conference or a group conference. Now a group conference lets numerous guests meet with you at a single time. This might be great for an instructor or if you are offering a group webinar or something along those lines here. But for the most part, most of individuals are utilizing Calendly for one-on-one meeting.

In this case, I’m gon na say, I will call my guests ’cause I’m gon na ask them to provide their phone number. I’m gon na state update, that’s gon na conserve that choice here. I’m simply gon na state, this is a conference with Scott for a consulting session, something like that, just something so they can distinguish what this event is about compared to perhaps some of the other events that I have readily available.

Now once we hit next, we’re gon na get to the nuts and bolts of our event. By opening this app, you’re gon na see a lot of